Joincare Pharmaceutical Industry Group Co.,

Address: High-tech Zone,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen City,
Lang Road District
No. 17 Pharmaceutical
Group Health yuan building

Tel: (86755)86252388


Joincare Pharmaceutical Industry Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter called Joincare Pharmaceutical Group), growing out of Shenzhen Taitai Healthcare Food Co., Ltd, was established by the board chairman Zhu Baoguo in the year 1992. The leading position in the healthcare industry was established by “Taitai Oral Liquid”.  The strategy of the company was in transition to enter pharmaceutical industry in 1995, and was renamed Shenzhen Taitai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  This transformation was successfully completed by the acquisition of Shenzhen Haibin Pharmaceutica Co., Ltd in 1997.  In 1999, the company was renamed Shenzhen .......


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No. Date Content
1 June 1st,2010 Mr. Zhu Baoguo, Joincare Board Chairman, was elected standing committee member of the 5th Shenzhen CPPCC.
2 May 31st, 2010 The Board of Directors examined and adopted the plan that “Livzon and Joincare Group co-invest with cash to established “Zhuhai Livzon Monoclonal Antibodies Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


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